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At Ad Graphics we are known for our versatility when it comes to illustration. Over the years we've been asked to create all kinds of different illustration styles, from realism to cartooning, art deco to technical drawings, marker comps to fashion illustration, using a variety of media. Now that so much can be done on computer, we make full use of all the methods available to emulate a vast number of styles, however it still comes down to plain old drawing skill in the end. If you need an illustration done in a particular style, just send us a sample, and we'll create a whole new composition based on that theme.
Here is an "art nouveau" style rendition of the artist/painter Tanya Lehoux, who also happens to be a terrific model!
Tanya Lehoux Illustration By Tony Bosley
The iTones Album Cover
This is an album cover we designed and illustrated for the new iTones CD, "Takin' A Ride", here in Vancouver.
Here's a t-shirt design we created for the 2010 Vancouver Folk Festival. We came up with this style of artwork specifically for this event. We call it "bohemian tribal". ;-)   2010 Vancouver Folk Festival Poster

Custom Retro Comicbook Illustrations

Check out these original retro style comics we just created for Simonton Windows in Parkersburg, West Virginia!!

Art Deco Style Illustration
Art Deco

Cake Mix For Dogs

More custom retro-style illustration and product packaging for K9Cakery in Arlington, Virginia.


Peanut Butter Biscuit Mix

Here's a series of illustrative retro-style marquis labels for doggie treats, which we've been producing for K9Cakery in Arlington, Virginia.

(Click on image)


We drew Mr. Winbig! Our original retro-style mascot is used throughout all the promo for the Washington State Lottery.
Winbig Drawings

Click here to view some way cool, "neo-deco" illustrations we created for Clyde's Gallery Place in Washington DC!

Click here to see our illustration for a Starbucks lunch menu...


Fashion Illustration

We get a lot of requests to draw custom retro style illustrations. Check out these characters (above) which we created for Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles!

Click here to check out this Flash animation we did in 2003 for in Houston, TX   $500

Click here to check out a cool mascot we recently developed for American Blinds & Drapery in Hayward, CA  $600

Click here to view our recent illustrative Art Nouveau label design for FoodDreamer in Wilmington, NC. $1600

Click here to check out this illustrative logo for Mama Di's Restaurant in the Bahamas, which we recently completed for our client in Long Island, NY  $800

Click here to view a custom retro style illustration we created for DelMar InfoTech in W. Lafayette, Indiana    $700

Click here to check out some custom cartooning for High Tech Glass in San Diego, CA. $500

Check out an interesting sample of an Animated Storyboard, magic marker style.

Illustrations for Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

Yes, Ad Graphics is a regular contributor to none other than Better Homes & Gardens Magazine. (Head office: Des Moines, Iowa).

Click here to see some of our illustrations which have appeared in BH&G over the last 3 years.

Authentic Marker Comps & Storyboards 
Translink Storyboard Translink Storyboard

More Illustration Samples:

Dance Couple
Hospital Schematic
Internet Schematic
Health Services Cover
AMS Utilities
Scenic Woodcut
Plus Funds
Group of People
Beanheads Bakery
Quill Registry
Hewlett Packard
Peggy Rose
Volkswagen Cartoon
United Carpet
Enhanced Photographs


Retro Style Murals (click to find out more):





More map examples:

Quail Ridge
Canyon Springs



Simulated 3D

Digital Watercolor

Vector Illustration

Line Art