Multimedia comprises a bit of everything. This is where we get to combine our many skills to create items such as interactive CDRoms in Director, as well as motion graphics for use in video productions which we assemble using After Effects and Final Cut Pro.


We'd like to introduce a brand new software program developed by our associates at E-Line Technologies called VideoClix. This program allows users to create clickable hotspots within any QuickTime movies which link to html pages. Click here to find out more or to make an online purchase.


We also create Powerpoint presentations. Click here to view this presentation called, "The Ad Agency" which we recently assembled for American Media Services in Washington, D.C.


We offer a wide range of motion graphics services which include compositing 3d and 2d imagery, animated text and sound tracks to create movie clips which can be used for a variety of media, such as broadcast, film or live video streaming.

Check out these samples, created by our motion graphics expert, Young Jun.

Sierra Wireless
Future Shop
Loaded Image
Cyop Intro