Designing and producing print graphics is a whole different kettle of fish compared to building websites or creating 3d graphics. File sizes are much larger due to the high resolution required, and file preparation is a very meticulous process. We've been producing print graphics since the pre-computer days, so we're very familiar with all the pitfalls one can encounter during this process. Once the job rolls off the press, you can't go back and change it like you can with web graphics, so it has to be right the first time.

Here at Ad Graphics we offer a wide range of graphic design options for brochures, flyers, posters, stationery, CD cover designs, billboards and more. These samples should give you a good idea of our versatility and experience in this domain.

SFC Backstage Pass   Here's a retro-style admission ticket we created for a recent event held by Skills For Change in Toronto.

Dog Bone Shaped Cake Kit
Click here
to view a recent package design including a custom retro-style illustration for K9Cakery in Arlington, Virginia.

Click here
to view another package design including more custom retro illustration for K9Cakery.

Marv's Menu Cover
Click here to view this menu cover we designed for Marv's Classic Soda Shop in Black Diamond, Alberta.

Click here
to view a recent menu cover design and custom illustration for Jerry's Restaurants in Arizona, Nevada and Oklahoma!

Click here to view a recent label design and custom illustration for Prairieland Dairy in Omaha, Nebraska!

Smart Taxi
Victoria Park West Brochure
Roomlinx Flyer
Roomlinx Ad
Vancouver Dining Guide
Colossal Resources
HBConcept CDCover
Talkie Tooter Product Sheets
Ashton College Flyer
McDonalds Billboard
Bestview Construction

Here's a fun tri-fold brochure we just completed for "At Your Service" in beautiful Palm Beach County, Florida!

A 27"x44" Poster we created recently for

Brochure cover recently created for Pace Illumination right here in Vancouver:

Another label design with custom retro art for K9Cakery in Arlington, Virginia:
Peanut Butter Cake Mix

Click here to view aRoomlinx Ad which appeared recently in Hotel Business Magazine in New York and Hospitality Magazine in Georgia.

Click here to view a cool ad for FileNet which appeared in Wall Street & Technology Magazine in New York.

Click here to view a Brownstone Brooklyn magazine ad for MKPR in New York promoting the well-known real estate company William B. May. Press-ready artwork (including Illustration).

Click here to view a great brochure design for Miller Advertising in New York promoting Tribeca apartment suites. Press-ready artwork.

Click here to view an effective design for a presentation cover for Omnitel in Vancouver - one week turnaround time, photoshoot included, press-ready artwork

Click here to view a promotional mailout for Spokespersons Plus in Topanga, CA - one-week turnaround time, contains original illustrations & modified clipart. Press-ready artwork.

Brochure for Selkirk Springs, Vancouver

Folder Design for Lavalin Engineering, Montreal

Brochure for TreeLine Companies, New York

Brochure for Roger Erickson, New York

60 page book for Designed Learning, Vancouver

Brochure for Roomlinx Wireless, Vancouver