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Web Design...

We’ve been at this a long time… starting from the days when sites were built by hand in html!  We’ve gone through all the iterations (Dreamweaver, Frames, Flash, CSS, HTML5, Ajax, Javascript, etc.) since then and now use the latest cutting edge techniques to create state-of-the-art sites that our customers can be proud of!

There are a number of website building platforms available of course.  The one we concentrate on is WordPress, which we see as the de facto standard in the industry. The advantage to having a site built in WordPress is that you’re not beholden to one web developer to upgrade or modify your site, because nowadays, virtually all developers know how to edit a WordPress site.

Here is a site we just completed in WordPress for Carl Romano in Detroit, Michigan. >>>

^^^As usual, most of the sites we build lean heavily towards illustration, because that’s what we do as well!

Like many other developers, we had a lot of fun with Flash, back in the early 2000’s, before it was determined by the industry to be a cumbersome platform with too much junk code and too many holes for hackers to exploit.

Interestingly, to this day, there has been nothing to replace the versatility Flash offered in terms of it’s amazing animation capabilities and interactivity, however, one could also say that we all “grew up” so-to-speak, and realized that websites really are simply conduits for information anyway.  The days of people visiting websites to be bedazzled by bells and whistles have long since passed. Now we just want to get to the information…. and quickly!

Modern CSS may never be able to match the pizzazz we once had with Flash, but it makes up for it by offering a different array of features which are more commensurate with the fundamental, functional purpose of modern day websites.

The web has become so unfriendly towards SWF files (Flash) of late, that you may not even be able to view these samples.  It all depends on your browser settings.  We like to post them because it represents a bygone era, and a lot of work we did that we sure don’t want to forget about completely!

In the meantime, rest assured that we will not be implementing any Flash when we build your new WordPress website! 🙂

This particular site was a combination of 3D modeling and Flash for a customer in Houston. >>>